"Good Old Boys", ie Kaos, Danno, Masito, Dj Baro and Dj Craim. Together on Wednesday July 19 at Bababoom festival

Three rappers and two DJs, but above five friends, five brothers who often traveled the same road, went up and went down by the same stages, have warmed and sent to bias the same plants, burning the same microphones, putting a strain on the same pins and the same mixer.

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Beatbox French Champion in Solo, TagTeam and in Team. 3 times winner of the Seven to Smoke at the Grand Beatbox Battle.

Shootout Champion in 2015. All-Stars Champion in 2016


For the first time on stage at the  Bababoom Festival we will have a "discipline" of Hip Hop through BeatBox Session of Aliendee. Present on the mainstage Tuesday 18 July and within the 'Italian BeatBox Family Village, afternoon internship runs from 15 to 21 in the concert area.

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