For the first time on stage at the  Bababoom Festival we will have a "discipline" of Hip Hop through BeatBox Session of Aliendee. Present on the mainstage Tuesday 18 July and within the 'Italian BeatBox Family Village, afternoon internship runs from 15 to 21 in the concert area.

Special guest at the first World Beatbox Convention in London (2003), famous for being one of the pioneers and innovators of the art of beatbox thanks to its originality, musicality and technique, the first meeting of Aliendee with music has been around for 11 years as a pianist. Dial, putting together notes and rhythms were the first steps, the basics, the fundamentals that today are the characteristics of his way to make music.

The beatbox is a discipline born simultaneously the advent of hip hop culture and the need to have a musical / rhythmic element on which to dance in the street (breakdance) or on which to improvise rhymes (Rap). Described as a musical and rhythmic play performed by only voice / Respiratory use, the beatbox is no longer seen only as a "means", but as an element in its own right, with an identity and spectacle own.

In 2001 Aliendee begins to get passionate active, starting to train in rhythmic breakdown and music playback basic techniques. The ability to "play" with no need for a physical instrument and the impromptu beatbox which allows you to compose music are a real passion for him.

The great peculiarity of his work is undoubtedly the meticulous study of sound timbres of instruments, trying to play with almost scientific fidelity. This style has taken him years to be recognized as one of the most brilliant and original beatboxers the world stage. From 9 years now his resume boasts collaborations fact and a tremendous number of shows throughout Italy and in major European capitals.

In tunes like in the attitude to study his way of interpreting and studying music it was very close today to jazz, while the HipHop Aliendee music has variety and the musical culture baggage that characterize it: the fact dell'hiphop influences come from the masters funk, jazz, electronics and dancehall reggae.

Among the various experiences it is worth mentioning the workshops hosted by musical events (Afropean Music Festival and Vis Musicae) and the work done with the CNR in cognitive / field of music; also theater performances and workshops with deaf artists the ability to interact and commissioning of music performance scene and LIS.

He is currently engaged in the realization of his first solo album, which will take the name of "TAKEN" and will work composed and realized with the exclusive use of a multitrack and a microphone, in fact considered its unique "tool."



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