Friday July 21 will be the turn of the third band qualified for the final of the Bababoom band contest, Afreak from Ravenna.


Afreak roots reggae band, solid roots reggae romagnolo installation, from 2012 as an acoustic duo to the current formation of 6 elements: guitar, bass, drums, organ, keyboards and choirs, guitar and choirs, percussion, dublive.

Unpublished pieces from Jamaican patwa to Romagna dialect, roots as a solid foundation for original experiments.

Our idea of reggae is that of an essential biorhythm, a groove alive and a button able to connect, born in a context of suffering and redemption, always from people and people.

We exhort the gift of life, the fire that burns in and also illuminates the darkest moment, moving you beyond your own limits. That you can always feel it and feed it.


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