On Sunday, July 23 will be the turn of the second band qualified for the final of the Bababoom band contest, Ka jah City from Messina.


 The Ka Jah City were born in October 2009 in Messina. The various musical influences that have taken place have led to the creation of an unspecified genre rich in contamination (reggae, ska and folk, are the most obvious).

Over the years, the band has faced numerous lineup changes, counting among its members and former members more than 15 musicians, reaching the definitive and stable current formation consisting of:

 Agnese Carrubba - Voice,

 David Scimon - Guitar

 Roberto Bonasera - Guitar

 Marzio Cometa - Alto Sax

 Flavio Cometa - Sax tenor

 Rosary Puglisi - Low

 David Ieni - Battery

In the early years of their business, the Ka Jah City, they collaborated with several Messianic musicians, with the desire to collaborate in the future with many others who wanted it.

Music is in the first place, followed by comparison and collaboration. Squares and venues have been the scene of their performances.

In June 2013, the group participated in the "Music & Art Festival 2013" competition, winning the first place. The first single, "All Alzanu hands them" feat. L Gulash, has been included as an opening song in "Cafon Street - episode 9 - Na Buatta 'the Tumpulati" by UollasComix Productions.

On Christmas 2013, the Ka Jah City, they decide to release the first Demo-Cd, titled "Trinacria", in digital format to seal the end of an intricate start, and at the same time a new one. The summer of 2014 brings the Ka Jah City to participate in the first edition of the Jalò tu Vua music festival in Bova Marina, winning the special awards for: Best Arrangement, Best Musician and 1st Place of the podium as Festival Band's Winner . They end 2014 with the release of their new single "Non So" that will bring the band to a new creative era. In May 2015, they participated in the "Young Factor" event, an event included in the Youth at Work project - Youth at Work - Messina, and was awarded the first prize. In the summer of the same year they participate in the final edition of the Festival National of the Italian Conservatives "in Frosinone, winning 4th place. Today, the Ka Jah City, are ending the recordings of the new songs that will soon see light in their first album.

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