On Thursday, July 20, will be the turn of the fourth band qualified for the final of the Bababoom band contest, Next Station from Savona.


The band was born in March 2015 by an idea of ​​Gabriele Pollicino (Bassist) and Luca Durante (Guitarist). The two decided to form a band that offered an original genre, a genre that allowed people listening to dancing and smiling, splashing up a bit with the monotony of the Alternative Rock that came in the scene of their city aggregating into the Luca band Burattini (drummer), Lorenzo Rognone (Keyboardist) and Daria Ciarlo (singer)
The Next Station in the first year of music opened several concerts in Genoa and Savona at: Sistah Awa, Eazy Skankers, Margherita Zanin, MAU MAU, to carve out a prominent space in the most prestigious stage of their city: "The Fortress of Music" .
In January 2017 they released their first EP produced by "Andrea Bottaro Music", an album that includes 5 new and one and a prestigious collaboration with NIAM. In March 2017, however, they released their first videoclip "The Way" published by one of the most famous reggae music channels in the world: Reggaeville.


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