Brusco and Roots in the Sky band present the new Guacamole album at the Bababoom festival on Friday, July 21st.

Brusco has come back more inspired than ever, 'Guacamole' is an album with a multi-faceted nuance and sound. Reggae dancehall makes it a master, but within the new album they find more genres and themes.

In 'We are more and more' we talk about originality and personality, 'On the first floor, scale b, interior 3' is a pleasant experiment, a long piece that combines the tradition of the Roman to the songwriter. Joy and optimism in the first single 'A beautiful day like today', with the tribute to the captain of rome Francesco Totti, 'Paga tu' is dedicated to all those who have to do with a sham friend, and 'Omo de panza' is a Hymn to the kitchen without too many frills and appearances.

Reality, cynicism and irony take over the 'Servant Counts', in which Brusco lists our waste and the crazy expenses of our country. 'Paraculo' speaks of smarts who are ready to do their best to gain personal benefits without worrying about their neighbor, 'O'Carnaval' tells of a butler commissioned to hire a girl on elitist festivals for vip while the dancehall rhythms of 'Hattori Hanzo 'testify Brusco's love for Jamaican music.

'Guacamole' was self-produced by Brusco himself and made with the irreplaceable contribution of Ulisse Minati and Emiliano Rubbi. Andrea Ra, Diego Castaldi, Alessandro Inolti, Francesco Fioravanti, Pierfrancesco Cacace and Ulisse Minati, also arranging all the songs, took part in the recordings. They complete the team of guest and musicians Julia Lenti, Viola Inna Cantina and Janine Deberti.


Giovanni Miraldi, aka Brusco, started and performed live when he was only 15 years old on the occasion of the first dancehall organized by the One Love Hi Powa sound system at Forte Prenestino, the historic social center of Rome. It was 1990, the year of the first "posse", mostly rap-oriented groups and a political consciousness linked to the student movement. With the then school-mate Paul II (rapper known as Chef Ragù), Brusco gave birth to the Vatican Posse using the pseudonym of Pope John.


In 1992 Brusco, who had in the meantime changed the name of art to Pope G, joined the infant Villada Posse, a music band composed of a large group of friends who used to meet at the well-known Roman park of Villa Ada. Brusco and Villa Ada Posse released a tape in 1993 and a cd in 1996, both of which are among the most sought after cult objects of reggae and hip hop chapters. In 2000 comes the name change in Brusco and a legend is born that builds a live career with singing, compilation and collaborations. In 2001 comes the homonymous debut 'Brusco', which contains the instant hit 'Ancora e Ancora', dedicated to A.S. Rome champion of Italy in 2000-2001.

From that moment Brusco has not stopped. In 2003 comes 'It's soon to say ... Brusco', followed by another seven full lengths of memorable songs. In June 2013, he left his work 'All Apposto', signed as Brusco and Roots in the Sky Band that accompanies it in studio and live. Today, in 2017, the surprises are not over and Brusco prepares a great hits starter for all his fans, that is the 'All In' collection, awaiting the new, highly anticipated album. 'Guacamole', BRUSCO's new album, is coming on June 9, anticipated by the single 'A Beautiful Day Like Today'.


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