Dub FX, the leading edge of independent music, will be present on the Main Stage of the festival Bababoom Sunday, July 23.

Benjamin Stanford, born in Melbourne, left for Europe in 2006 with a simple plan; living in a van, traveling the world and playing in the street. After a little more than ten years, Dub FX has sold over one hundred thousand copies of her records, performing at major festivals worldwide, racked up over 150+ million views on YouTube and acquired over 600,000 fans on Facebook. All completely independently.

Dub Fx is recognized as one of the most talented beatboxer in the world. The cocky Australian globetrotter, live, gives off an energy rare, a "positive attitude" irrepressible and contagious. That cosmic mix of drum'n'bass, hip hop old-fashioned carousels and dub mantra, be able to trigger the presabene even after the defeat of their favorite team or break an engagement.

His third and last studio album - titled "Clear Thinking" released on his label Convoy Unlimited in partnership with the German Membran - stays true to its urban roots, slightly increasing reggae coefficient. Look, for example, the latest video for the single "Fake Paradise", a carousel upbeat inspired by the cult film "They Live" by John Carpenter.

A groove that is hard not to be infected: at the end of the concert the problems are gone, at least for a while '. And certainly you do not feel my legs. 


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