Dub inc. It has become arguably the most representative group of reggae made in France. Musicians and singers of the highest level are first on the scene for nearly ten years, bringing a breath of fresh air in the world.

The group, combining sensible melodies and a great social sensitivity in the texts, exported reggae, outside the boundaries (Portugal, Germany, Algeria, Senegal, Canada or Colombia ...) and undertook numerous collaborations with international artists (Tiken Jah Fakoly, David Hinds, Tarrus Riley ...).

Browsing through reggae, dancehall, Kabyle music and world music, the group is characterized by rumors of Bouchkour and Komlan, with their different styles but incredibly complementary. They sing in French, English or Kabyle, launching a universal message but made up of many mixed styles. Their live energy does the rest!

DUB INC. They toured everywhere for years, regularly playing in front of thousands of spectators and on the stages of the most important festivals in the world. Their videos have had thousands of views in a few days and are followed on social networks more than 400 million fans, all this without ever having counted on the support of the mainstream media.

The French DUB INC. they never had the media exposure of pop artists and they went on their way, building a career with passion and talent. Perhaps it is for these reasons that the DUB INC. They are considered for years the ambassadors of the French reggae in the world.

DUB INC. with the last album with 'So What' released in late 2016, coming in sixth solo album of the collective of Saint-Etienne reggae. The new work of DUB INC. It was completely self-produced as by their habit and 14 tracks are the result of a long process of writing inspired by the sad news stories that have dyed black French record over the last year.

'So What' is one of the most mature works of DUB INC., A pure reggae album influenced by dancehall, hip hop and electronics.

In the new album DUB INC. They have found place even exceptional guest as the ambassadors of the Italian Mellow Mood reggae track 'Justice' and the young French prodigy Naaman on the single 'Do not Be a Victim'.

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