This year we will have on stage a Freestyle session Wednesday, July 19, with the participation of Kenzie and disease, both champions of "Techniques Perfect" (the battle of the most important in Italy) accompanied by the winners of the selections Best Freestyler, freestyle battle organized by Costa Klan to be held before the summer.


It born in 1987 in Ascoli Piceno, fortunately since childhood has had the opportunity to attend the music, above all thanks to her parents who until a few years ago owned a record store. Before coming to rap he has spent several years studying music and playing bass with small local bands, then at the end of 2003 rap overwhelms him and from there the turning point.

The first steps moves them along with two friends who unfortunately after some time take other roads, but Kenzie decided to move on.

This continues to commit, especially in freestyle and over time can also remove small and great satisfaction among local contest or not. In 2007 he finished second to "Techniques Perfect" (the most important battle of the Italian freestyle), losing the final against Emis Killa ... And in 2011 she finally managed to win the title of the eighth edition! In the same year he also won the "Showcase Jam Battle", a showcase contest organized by Costa Klan Production took place between some regions of central Italy (Marche, Abruzzo, Umbria). In 2011 realizes an EP "Double K", accompanied by the video "WHO." After the excellent response of this work, released the video for the single "Night Shift", created together with Raige of One Mic. Kenzie was also among the 12 participants of the first two editions of MTV SPIT, forward freestyle battle on MTV. On 18 October 2013 he released his first official album "Can not Say Can See", for the Glory Hole label.



His career began in Abruzzo in 2003 with Bite and Nemesis members with whom he founded the TDS CREW. Join in and won several local contests showcasing their ability to freestyle. In 2007 he published with the crew's first official album "Tossed BY THE WAVES" and in 2008 the "Leviathan MIXTAPE VOL.1". In 2009 he won the preliminary round of the Tecniche Perfette in the Marche but not participate in the final due to personal problems. In 2010, her second "LEVIATHAN MIXTAPE" and then starts to work with the crew at the second official album "JOLLY ROGER", released in 2012 and sees the entry in the collective Vain producer, working with First Corinthians Brown and Poison mixing of Toto. In 2013 participates in the final of the Technical Perfect finishing in second place, the same year he won the critics' award for The Flow to Captain Future Rap Contest sponsored by ESA and get good results in important contests like MTV Digital Days, Fight Club, Battle Arena, Run2Glory. In 2015 he won the twelfth edition of the tecniche Perfette and in 2016 the first edition of Mic Tyson. Over the years, together with TDS he opens the concerts of many prominent artists such as Good Old Boys, Lou X, Dargen D'Amico, Psalm, Fabri Fibra, Clementino, One Mic, Noyz, Marracash, Nitro, Afu Ra, Mad Child He is currently working on his first solo ep.


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