Murutubu to start Bababoom festival which this year hosts the start of a new project dedicated to the world of Hip Hop Festival Hypnotize! Tuesday 18 July!

Murubutu is an artist devoted to the study of the interaction between rap music and literature. Convinced of the potential of the rap genre as a means of cultural emancipation is in particular the combination with the narrative that has made known his music nationwide bringing the art of storytelling to uncharted levels. Active since the 90s and strong four solo albums published by the label Bolognese Irma records ( now presents her new dedicated wind concept album (released in October 2016) featuring collaborations by famous artists of the scene hip hop Italian as Ghemon, Dargen D'Amico and Grudge.

Murubutu live, with the help of members of La Kattiveria crew (Lieutenant, U.G.O. Yanez Muraca and DJ Caster) offer a unique blend of hip hop with classical poetry, fiction and literary potential.

published official album:

 2009 – Murubutu, Il giovane Mariani e altri racconti

 2011 – Murubutu,  La bellissima Giulietta e il suo povero padre grafomane

 2014 – Murubutu, Gli ammutinati del Bouncin’ ovvero mirabolanti avventure di uomini e mari

 2016 – Murubutu, L’uomo che viaggiava nel vento e altri racconti di brezze e correnti



Murubutu, aka Alessio Mariani, born in Reggio Emilia, approaches to hip hop in the early 90s and founded the first hip hop group of the city: The Kattiveria. teacher of philosophy and history in high school, from 2000 he began to work with its members to a different conception of rap than more widespread now in the mainstream now in the underground. The intent is to rap a means of expression to convey the cultural order content without losing the focus on the stylistic care. The result is a new musical subgenre: the educational rap, it materialized in 2006 from the album "Where the vulture flies". On the basis of the contamination between rap, fiction and nonfiction Murubutu undertook in 2009 a solo project, entirely devoted to storytelling, in which classic hip hop sounds are the carpet texts with a strong curvature songwriting and poetic accents. Murubutu in 2011 won the second prize at the National Competition for storytellers "G.Daffini" with the song "Anna and Marzio". The musical activities Murubutu to date is represented by a four albums distributed by the label Bolognese Irma / Mandible records: "The young Mariani and Other Stories" (2009), "The beautiful Juliet and her poor father graphomaniac" (2011 ), "Mutiny on the Bouncin 'or amazing adventures of men and seas" (2014), "the man who was traveling in the wind and other stories breezes and currents" (2016).

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