On Friday, July 21, at the opening stage in Brusco, the two veterans of the Italian scene, Raina and Ginko of Villa Ada Posse and their historical tunes.

Villa Ada Posse is a crew of Roman artists who for more than 20 years contributed significantly to the history of the reggae and raggamuffin Italian music scene. In 1992, taking the name from the homonymous park of Rome, where its members were used to meet and where Green spaces offered oxygen, inspiration, and thoughtful reflections on the reality of metropolitan life. It was the peak period of extras (South Sound System, One Love and Red Wave Posse) as well as the activism of social centers throughout Italy. The first concert was in February 1993 at C.S.A. Brancaleon and the same year the first demo. The crew's musical activity went on over the years focusing more on live rather than on productions. Particularly active at the same time was the Villada Sound System, a built-in audio system that amplified the messages contained in the crew's songs and Jamaica's dancehall style: microphone, dishes, crates and so many people who zombie and dance with Whistles and lighters. Countless dancehalls in the squares and the Roman countryside, on the Salento cliffs, around the venues and social centers of all Italy.


Villa Ada Crew has produced three CDs: "Musically" (1997), "Villadacrew @ Raina Studio" (2001) and "New Day" (2007). There are numerous compilation participations and individual members of the crew, produced by national and international labels and engraved on vinyl in 7 "format, according to Jamaican tradition, as the popular" Dancehall Vibes ". Hundreds of dancehalls in all Italian regions, some in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Holland and England) and two soundclasses won: one in Milan in 2001 against the Golden Bass sound system and the other in Padova in 2007 against Two old-fashioned sound system, I-Shence of Perugia and Godzilla of Bologna.


In 2004 he started collaborating with Shanty Band in Rome, with whom the crew performed in numerous concerts, sharing the main stage of Rototom Sunsplash together with Brusco (former crew member). In 2009, new live collaboration with three different bands is emerging: Raina and Ginko go upstairs with Lady Flavia and "O Six Band", Brusco and Roots in the Sky, and singers Cisco and Papa Massi Of the Working Vibes of Pisa. Another collaboration is that he sees Ginko, Raina and DJ Pekoz engaged in a dj set within the "Pass the Mike" project conceived by Frontal Assassins and involves some hip-hop and reggae scene artists on the peninsula.



The story of Villa Ada Posse begins with the meetings of its members, in the late eighties and early nineties, in the lawns of the park, which will soon give its name to the group. The period is more or less the one of the university occupations, the 'Pantera' and above all the time when in various parts of Italy is embarking on an antagonistic musical movement, which in the variety of styles has as reference points the modalita ' Expressive of dancehall reggae or hip hop and the will to sing or 'rapper' in Italian, if not even in dialect. In Rome, among the various active groups we already have One Love Hi Powa and Red Wave Posse.

Thanks to the common love for reggae, in May 1992, a band was formed that proves to CSOA Brancaleone playing covers of Bob Marley and Jacob Miller. The first members of this band are: Drama (drums), Loza (bass), Marzia (guitar), Sister Fefe '(keyboards), Ricky (sax), Aldan (guitar and voice), Raina (keyboards and voice) Ginko (Percussion and voice), Lady Flavia (flute and voice) and Daddy T, Tommy and Giovanna (voice). In the same summer, Raina, Ginko, Aldan and Daddy T, along with the 'Pekez Selecta', give birth to the sound system and organize the first festivals in which they dance at the rhythm of the few reggae albums that are found in the shops and the first 12 'Available at that time in Rome.

A fundamental moment is the return of Aldan and Daddy T from a mythical holiday in Amsterdam in September: on the thrust of that experience Villa Ada Posse makes the first four tracks' Bom Bom Cilom ',' No space ',' Come I see it well 'and' Play a ball with a ball ', immediately recorded in a home session with Aldan's four-track recorder. In February 1993 at Brancaleone there is the first live concert in a small room full of friends: in this first performance, the first audience of Villa Ada Posse listens to the various coverings in the repertoire but also the mythical first four original songs. At that first concert they follow others in various Roman social centers such as Blitz or Sisto Quinto. An old friend of school time is about to sing in a crew called Vatican Posse (he calls himself Pope John, while his partner, later known as Chef Ragoo is called Paul Secondo): during a concert of VAP at the Sisto V sale


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