Dj Trew present in Dancehall area Wednesday 19 July.

 Dj Trew, born in Pescara, is approaching Hip Hop culture at age 15. The following year he began to attend the break courses, and together with some friends he founded a crew consisting of b-boy, popper, fly and dj. They participated in various competitions and showcases, but her real goal was to put the records, so she joined a staff organizing evenings, warming up. The crew then dissolves. After a while he becomes a resident dj in the historic club black of his city, until 2009. Dj Trew has always been fascinated by vinyl deciding to abandon the cdj so he can devote himself to scratching and cutting. His selection varies from West Coast to East Coast, passing through the Club with Dancehall and Reggaeton ranges, mixing new sounds with the classic ones. By doing so, it captures every ear, both expert and less experienced. In recent years he has worked for the consoles of many locals and many performances, and has collaborated with artists such as: Double S, One Mic, Oscar White (ODK), Mr Phil,

Dj Jad, Bass Master, Afu-Ra (Gangstarr), Torment Truce Klan, Boom From Bash ... And many other local artists.

In the summer of 2011 he started collaborating with RASTAUNO SOUND, a historic sound reggae abruzzese. Still today, they continue the "Vibes Explosion" (summer) and "Wil Faya" (winter) mixing rap and reggae, and various guests and concerts, including Ensi (One Mic), Area23 (Bologna) Capleton, Busy Signal, Beenie Man, Morgan Heritage

and many others...

In 2012 he founded a recording studio "MV LAB" together with Salento singer Kali Roots, Capo and Blaster, both mc.


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