Mr.Phil, DJ / Producer Roman by adoption, is now considered a landmark in the Italian rap scene. It has a ten-year career that he is the protagonist in numerous collaborations with some of the top names of the national HipHop scene. It will be the protagonist after Murubutu for a load dj sets Dancehall Area Tuesday, July 18.

Artistically born as a DJ, Mr.Phil approaching the world of production in the late '90s doing ranks alongside the famous Milanese manufacturer Fritz Da Cat. In 2004, he returned to Rome after a spell in Milan, Phil collaborates with China Er aka Amir and brings out his first record 'Amir & Mr.Phil - Natural'. In 2005 'Kill Phil' arrives, album / mixtape in which collaborated with numerous artists from all over the peninsula. The moderate success of these two works bear the name of Phil attention of Colle Der Fomento, with whom will be born a partnership that will lead to the production of the first EP / Single + Strong Of Bombs (2005), and then the creation of multiple tracks in album CDF 'Ice & Blood' (2007). After much collaboration with other artists such as Ghemon and Toto, the 2006 ended with Phil for the release of his second solo album, 'War Between the Poor'. This work includes some of the most popular pieces of Phil as' Mud & Lead '(Damage, Lord Bean, Dj Double S),' nothing can stop me '(Ghemon, SoulDavid), and' Size A 'Curt' (Co'Sang) definitively consolidating the name of Mr.Phil as a producer. In 2007 Phil will cooperate with the Turkish, producing the entire album 'Musica Seria', an album that contains two tracks considered 'underground classics', 'Serious Music', and 'E Adjust'.

Allied artistically with his friend Dj Double S in CITYSOUND Crew, in 2009 the two come together with their friends and colleagues Bassi Maestro, Dj Shocked and Mastafive to form the SuperCrew Dj 'Once Were Warriorz' offering a djset 8 hands dedicated exclusively to classic rap. The team plays around Italy and produces a mixtape before disbanding in 2011.

In 2012, after an absence behind his Akai S950 lasted several years, Mr.Phil back to productions with his third album 'Strong Powers'. The first single from the album that anticipates the album release and 'Everything OK', which sees featuring baby-K, the Turkish, Er Costa and his business partner DJ Double S. 'Everything OK' immediately became a underground hit, generating a lot of waiting for the new Phil work. The 2013 will be the year of Powers Forti.Oggi Mr.Phi lives his role as DJ / producer with more passion, and in addition to organizing events, record mixtapes and playing in the most important rooms of the peninsula, continues to work as a producer, constantly in search of collaborations with artists who, like him, share his passion for music.




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