Solid Soul the Marche collective is the protagonist of several important events during the year present in Dancehall Area on Sunday, July 23rd.

Solid Soul - Bio 

Solid Soul is a DJ collective founded in 2010 by DJ Noname, and it's formed by DJ Ego, Alien Fade, Fazeone, Plok, Wade, Intro (click on an artist's name to see his profile)

It represents the continuos of the local historic Drum & Bass crew “Hydra”, wich brought on its stage high caliber national and international artists. Later on its members went on different journeys

Solid Soul is active in different kind of events, featuring its sets in the most exclusive venues of Marche region and central Italy. The crew administrates the officiale page Drum And Bass Italia and took part in the organization of premium Festivals such as International Drum and Bass Meeting, Hospitalilty Italy 2016, Urban Legend, and also in the first Italian edition of  Therapy Sessions.

The crew organizes the formats MONSTER SOUL , TEKNO BOMBA , BASS THIS and NOCTURNAL

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