Present to arrange all afternoons dancehall dance workshops Dhq Chriss & Linda from Perugia.

The dancehall queens of the Bababoom Festival 2017 will naturally be present even every evening at the Dancehall Area.

Linda Bio

Born and raised in Foligno province of Perugi(Italy), graduated at Unipg in physical and sports education, she teaches Hip Hop/Dancehall in various schools in Umbria and organizes numerous events on a regional level. She got closer to urban dnce styles in 2010 starting with Break Dancing, Hip Hop to then discover Dancehall and specialize in it. From 2013 til now sha have been to many Italian and International events, attending Dancehall workshops, conferences and battles.

Chriss Bio

Born and Raised in Addis Ababa and moved to Italy in 2005. The first Ethiopian Dancehall Queen, dancing professionally since 2007 . Chriss represents the true Jamaican culture with her neat and never x-rated style, promoting and participating in various events and workshops all over Italy & Europe. She had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest Soundsystems & Artists in Italian & Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall scene. Performing & appearing in music videos for artists such as Gioman and Killacat , Jaka , Mama Marjas , Mr Lexx , Bounty Killa and many others . Co - founder and member of Dah2AhDem DhSquad long side Dhk Mad Mike promoting and teaching authentic jamaican dancehall culture for over 10yrs.

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