Double Spliff Sound ft Mannaro Man in Dub area to open the dances before King Shiloh ft Black Omolo.

Double Spliff Bio 

Double Spliff is an active sound system in the Val Cesano area since 2010. In 2003, its founder Lele Doublespliff made the reggae music come in for the first time in local reality through more or less sporadic DJ sets, resulting in the emergence of a (albeit small) lively emerging music scene. Following the encounter with Mr.P, the idea of ​​creating a real 'sound wall' concretized: the sound system was built and the musical proposal of Double Spliff matured, landing at Reggae / Dub Made in UK played exclusively with vinyl support, in pure sound system style. Mr.P is still one of the few manufacturers of Dub Syren and Pre amp in italy, unanimously recognized as high quality products; In 2015 it is included in the hosts of the Double Spliff Posse MANNARO-MAN, aspirating toaster, also a member of the community of the lower Cesano Valley. In 2017 Bottaman adds new selecta of double spliff but old acquaintance and friend of the triad. Double Spliff sound system is a complete and compact music entity, characterized by musical search and sound awareness, able to recreate a sound very close to the Dub Dublino scene and today; Sound Yellow and Black has influential collaborations at national and international level: from Brother Culture to I-tal Soup, from Michael Exodus to Iration Steppa passing Obf; By participating in major Reggae and Dub festivals such as Bababoom Festival and Castle Dub, Double Spliff sound system has gone through a remarkable niche in the Roots / Reggae / Dub Marxian panorama.

Mannaro Man Bio

MANNAROMAN (aka LUCA SANTINELLI) is an Italian reggae dj/mc from DOUBLE SPLIFF SOUND SYSTEM (PU), hosting dancehall & dub sessions since 2015 and operating mainly in the Italian centre-east area. His dj style is a mixture of 80s rub-a-dub, ragamuffin, 70s stylee, marked by fast punch-line lyrics strictly in JA patois, heavily influenced by 80s early dancehall djs (Early B, John Wayne, Junior Cat, Welton Irie, Johnny Ringo, Squiddly Ranks). He's been working long side many members of the Italian Dub/reggae community: Moa Anbessa, 4Weed Music, Wicked Dub Division, Rise & Shine, Strictly Sound, Anonima Reggae, Wavedub, Heavy Rootation, Nameless Sound, Toolyo, Rudebeat, Big Simon (Krikka Reggae), Murgia connection (Papa Buju & Masta G), Infiammati Dub and all the sound systems from the dub scene operating in the centre of Italy (Marche, Romagna). He's been hosting two King Shiloh Sound System sessions, one at Bologna Dub Club, one at Bababoom Festival (2016).

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