On Sunday, July 23, the Dub area will be amplified by the Kunta Kiston Sound System from Macerata with their wonderful selections

Kunta Kinte  - Bio 

Kunta Kinte Sound was born in Macerata in summer 2007, from a group of friends with a great passion for Roots and Dub music and with the strong desire to spread it. The name of the sound comes from the actually-existent character that is being told in Roots, Alex Haley's gorgeous novel that traces and tells the true story of an African man and his family in a context of suffering and slavery in the plantations of Virginia.

Love for the roots of the genre drags the group passionately to the roots of this culture, for this Kunta Sound Kante Sound exclusively offers vinyl record reggae, searching from the dawn to the latest productions of songs filled with love, peace, respect and unity, Favoring the conscious message and refusing any form of racism, homophobia, violence and slavery, physical and mental ... Kunta Kinte is a symbol of rebellion against the oppression of man over man !!

In 2011, the self-build of its own sound system begins to spread the positive vibrations and give it to those who are listening to a total immersion experience in reggae music.

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