Pier Tosi the italian reggae ambassador proposes his selection of vinyls sought after in the Dub area of ​​the Bababoom festival 2017, Sunday, July 23

Pier Tosi began to deal with passionate and collector reggae in the 1980s and has been able to take advantage of this passion, starting in 1992 his Soul Shakedown Party radio program, which is aired every Tuesday at Radio City Fujiko. Soon he started making the deejay (the mythical first night at the Subotica in the company of Rude) and to go out in this dress from the Bologna area to bring his music to almost all the yards of Italy and on various occasions also all 'And put the records before and after the performances of important artists in the history of Jamaican music or the best Italian artists. As a journalist over the years he has conducted numerous interviews and reviews for Vibes On Line, Sunny Vibes, Alias, Superfly and The Manifesto. He wrote with Stefano Bettini 'Paperback Reggae' edited by the publisher Olimpia. He has worked with and collaborating with Rototom Sunsplash as a consultant, radio and television writer and conductor: he still cares for the interviews of Main Stage artists published on the site of the great European Reggae Festival. Always at the festival is curator along with other Jamaican music experts from Reggae University. It has appeared in the two documentaries 'Jamaica mon amour' and 'London Town' devoted to the culture of reggae in Jamaica and London. His selections cover most of the history of reggae in a temporal sense, however, highlighting the original spirit.

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