Rise and Shine, the Bologna crew, will be present at Dub Area of the Bababoom Festival to open the dances before Dub Files and Mellow Mood - Thursday July 20

Rise And Shine


It was born in 2004 in Bologna with the aim of spreading the message of unity, love and equality through the mystical depth of "Roots Music" and, together with "Forward The Bass", re-launches in the city yards in pure "foundation" style, recreating A long forgotten atmosphere. In 2006 R & S becomes a sound system, acquiring part of the historic Jah Vibra Sound System, which is subsequently expanded. In the following years he continued to collaborate with numerous crew, producers and sound systems, and participated in several festivals such as Rototom, Bababoom, Zion Station, Overjam and has the honor of hosting and playing alongside numerous Roots / Dub international artists. One of the most solid reality of the Italian scene.

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