The Italian-Senegalese singer in Dub Area with Jah Observer Bababoom Hi fi and Neil Perch on Saturday, July 22


Awa Fall Mirone, of Italian-Senegalese origins, is a reference for Italian black music. Just twenty years ago, the singer of bergamasca of African origins has a voice and a charisma to envy many of the most famous people. In the age of eighteen, he made a reggae record ("INA DIS YA IWA", released for Bonnot Music and distributed by Goodfellas) in 2015, and in collaboration with the Eazy Skankers Savonese band, which allowed him to perform on the main stages Of the kind in Europe Rototom, Overjam, etc). In 2016 he started a solo career that allowed him to launch several important collaborations in the panorama of Italian and European black music, and returned to the studio to record the tracks of a new record with the award-winning producer Bonnot (General Levy, Dead Prez, Frontal Assassinations ). Sista Awa is ready for her new international tour, accompanied by her new reggae band, The Rising Tones, made up of the best musicians in the scene, or accompanied by DJ Bonnot for a live set of chess music from roots music through the dub up to the jungle. In 2017, he will play at Dub Camp, Dub Gathering, Overjam and many other festivals still to be confirmed, touching 9 countries in even three months.

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