The Mighty Jah Observer, born and living in Jamaica, for decades at the heart of London's roots scene, will be present on Saturday, July 22 in Dub Area.

The Mighty Jah Observer

Participating in a Jah Observer session is to live a piece of the story of Reggae Music. True to the style of origins from 1973 to today, Austin "Spiderman" Palmer 's founder
embodies the tradition of the Sound System made in Uk with over 35 years of experience as a selecta and soundman! His selection centered on the Roots of the Year draws on his dub box of vinyl that contains authentic jewelry and rarities of Jamaican and English Reggae; Proposed on its vintage valve system makes the corner of Jah Observer at Kensington Park Road a unique and unmatchable appointment for any visitor to London's Notting Hill Carnival for over 20 years. Arrives for the first time at the Bababoom festival, amplified by Abassi Hi Power!

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