They could not miss in the edition 2017 Dubdadda and Neil Perch members of Zion Train for an amazing session on Wednesday July 19 in companion of different guests.

 The Zion Train will make 30 years in 2018. They have a number of more than 2,500 shows around the world. No coincidence Zion Train is one of the most famous sound system Dub in the world. He uonato on every continent in particular to: Woodstock (Poland), Madasound (Martinique), Fusion Festival (Germany), Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (USA), Rototom Sunsplash (Italy / Spain), Outlook (Croatia), Boomtown (UK ), Glastonbury Festival (UK) 14TIMES, Seasplash Festival (Croatia), Bababoom Festival (Italy), Wickerman Festival (UK), Reggae Geel (Belgium), Parallel Universe (Brazil), Reggae Sun Ska (France), Ostrada Reggae Festival ( Poland), Asigiri Jam (Japan), Woodstock Festival (Poland), Sziget (Hungary), Exit (Serbia), Bielawa (Poland), Solipse (Zambia), Parallel Universe (Brazil), and Rainbow Serpent (Australia)

Their independent record label Universal Egg and Root offers the most unique and entertaining live on the planet, their use of the Dub dynamic on stage flanked by their mixing acoustic and exceptional vocalist tools make Zion Train among the best in the world and unique in its gender

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