The Bababoom Festival has always been fertile ground for every kind of art: jugglers, musicians and artists of all kinds are running every year.


The Draco, Neus Chispa and Fire Zen jugglers at the Bababoom festival offer daily free-of-charge Workshops to get closer to Juggling and Night Jams. The workshop is open to all ages and some tools are made available to us, but it is strongly advisable to bring your own if you own (even music). The present jugglers, will join the arts, into a final jam becoming part of the show! So we invite anyone who has a passion and wants to share it with you to bring everything you need! Art Juggling Space will be the meeting point to get to know each other and put together minds, hearts and limbs to live the festival in an original way! This year the show is you!


Free offer, fun secured !!! ✾

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