During the festival Bababoom every afternoon the Babyboom is on a space dedicated to children and activities for children. Participation is free for all participants of the festival.


Workshops and activities program Baby Boom 2017

Activities and games on "the body and its relationship with the world."

In this edition we greet our galactic journeys of the little prince (remember ?!) to venture to the discovery of our planet and its inhabitants, landscapes, sounds and noises. We will learn to play with our body (do not believe it ?!) and the use of everyday objects. We build together musical instruments and invent stories feeling odors (colds large ..alla !!). We will learn to know and recognize the touching atmosphere. We'll find out how many things you can do with your voice!

For mom and dad: the main objective of this year's activities is to improve the relationship with your inner self and the other intended as "Cosmic All," which includes small people, big people, plants, animals, etc. worlds . His little life you meet, through multisensory experiences in an open relationship, the Cosmic Life. So we have to learn from the encounter, first encounter with ourselves, only to find the meeting with the other, which is expressed through other human beings or through all that surrounds us vitally. So let's give birth to spontaneous and more aware of these experiences, already in the child, through the genuine experience of all: the game !!



Wednesday, July 19: It takes a bit of nose! (Sense of smell)

16:30 Opening baby boom

17:00 telling of the story / rhyme "It takes a bit of the nose"

18:00 build an original story by feeling the scent of aromatic herbs

closing hours 20:00 "noses" .. all at dinner!

Thursday, July 20: What a strange sound! (Sense: hearing)

16:30 Opening / introduction day

17:00 hours reading in English of "Supermarket zoo story"

18:00 ludo-lesson in English about animals and their sounds

20:00 closing time: see you tomorrow!

Friday, July 21: I play with the world (sense: sight)

16:30 Opening / introduction activities

17:00 Everyone on board is part of the Milky Way !!! (We could not resist ..!)

18:00 hours relaxation and body movements in space (psychomotor)

20:00 tomorrow!

Saturday, July 22: That prankster of mother nature! (Sense: touch)

16:30 laboratory openness on the atmospheric phenomena.

17:00 we learn to hear with your hands with your eyes closed.

19:00 activate the super powers of imagination and play to catch villains here Ventoso, Pioggierella, Solleone and Nevebianca!

20:00 Closing laboratories

Sunday, July 23: the human body microscopic beings (imagination and dexterity)

16:30 workshop opening "welcome to Baloontopia"

17:00 we learn to build with balloons microscopic beings!

19:00 sob .. !!! closure baby boom .. see you next year !!

All activities are organized by:

Giulia Ripesi Painter and Musicistaama contact with Nature and the Creation of things, objects, characters, stories, jokes and games! Always attentive to the spontaneity of children, which seeks to channel the passion and delicacy.