Cima and Stritti will perform on the stage of the Bababoom festival before the Forelock and Arawak concert.


Micozzi Stritti Simone was born in Rome. At age 10, he starts dancing watching Michael Jackson's videos, Boogaloo Shrimp, Orecchiocchio and various footage from the USA with Breakin's Boom and comes into contact with Hip Hop culture, in 1988 he plays the Anconetana scene Collaborating with Iron Glass and breakers, in 1995 he began teaching Hype then adding disciplines such as New Style, Poppin, Krump etc ... He has collaborations as a dancer with OTRs, Underdogs, Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, The Next One. He started making djs in the Clubs in 1994, making a dj set in 2014 in Brooklyn. Dj, Ballerino, Mc and Producer for the Ankofunk Suite since 1997 with its active vinyl record, various Street Albums and Golden Age material productions. In 2015, featured in the most Dj Set, Contest and Regional Hip Hop events, it runs a Black Music program every Monday night at 22 on U-Bahn Radio and conducts Streaming "We Got Flava" streaming with Mastafive, Strike The Head supported by Plutonium bars.

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