Teachers BARBARA MOUSY and SEYDOU DAO await you at the famous Bababoom Festival, on the beach for a daily course of African Dance and Percussion one to be held by the large music program of the festival in the heart of the Marches.

From 14 to 17 July: 4 days of African dance and percussion, then sun, sea, beautiful music and meetings with a wide audience that every year flock to the world to enjoy the rich program of performances with internzionali reggae peaks.


Each lesson will be 'lasting 2 hours and will take place every afternoon in the Area Festival.

And 'possible to sleep in a tent inside the concert area itself.


The membership fee for the courses and 'extra according to the number of lessons.



The courses will be held every day from Thursday '14 to Sunday, July 17.



And 'possible to participate in individual lessons.



BARBARA MOUSY - The African Dance African dance class will be taught by BARBARA MOUSY dancer long KONKOBA group engaged in studies and research on African dance in West Africa, Brazil, Cuba and North Europe, now also active in the secondary schools as intercultural operator for the teaching of this dance. In his teaching BARBARA MOUSY brings together different disciplines of the body, with a direct and contagious way that speaks to the spirit of each one, managing to convey what is the vital essence of this extraordinary dance. During the lessons it will develop a sense of space and the close contact with our mother earth, element from which is born and takes energy African culture. The stage will be devoted to the study of some thanks to the accompaniment of two live drummers basic techniques and the development of rhythmic awareness and dialogue between body and music, studying West African choreography.


SEYDOU DAO - Percussion Seydou Dao is currently among the most famous drummers in Italy. Originally from BURKINA FASO it is a descendant of a famous Griot family. After a rich career in Burkina passing from Ballet "Koba de l'Houet", the trouppe "Kassama" and as a first soloist in the ballet "Farafina Yelemba" comes to publishing three albums and then to make three tours in France, Switzerland and Germany . Finally, after a long collaboration with singer Guinean Macire Sylla and the Senegalese dancer Kara Sylla, created in 2002 his own group: "FORONTO" which Djoulà language means "chili", in the tour's in Italy in 2005. Since 2000 he lives Seydou in Italy, where he collaborates with the band Siraba Denou and the Association Djembe.it as a teacher, trainer and artistic director. Experience of particular importance is the creation of the music for the play "Hamlet Noir", which between 2001 and 2005 is represented in Italy, Switzerland, Benin, Mali and Burkina Faso

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