Bababoom festival - Presentation

Bababoom is a festival of the main multi-purpose artistic expressions of the Marche, born from the union of various cultural realities of the region, with a calendar that includes approximately 80 national and international artists who will perform 13 to 17 July in 2016.

These events increasingly offer a unique opportunity for musicians, painters, photographers and performers, in order to learn and improve new techniques in the industry, but at the same time open recreational space where participants can attend events of high quality living differently a summer weekend.

The Festival presents itself as a unique and original on the national scene, both for the high sense of involvement of the participants, both for urban logistics, and, finally, for the music programming of national impact.

The aim of this festival is to discover important elements in the availability of "artistic", entertaining the audience in the area, enlarging and restoring the constructive exchange between age groups, in opposition to the culture of the mass media, often tending to prevent relationships and create family and social hardships.

The aim is also to be able to bring more young people to music and the visual arts, rediscovering, through the figures proposed, an "arts center" Marche. Participate in BABABOOM it means diving into a multicultural exchange, interracial and social, sharing a peaceful neighborhood rediscovered through various forms of art, especially through the collaboration of a network of cultural institutions, local and regional authorities, which will aim to introduce forms 'classical art and new to a wide audience of all ages. 

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